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Sunshine, Lollipops and Suspects!

Summer has arrived, and with that comes exciting parties and gatherings which we love to get involved with! After a busy few months, we are ready to ride the (heat) wave of the upcoming summer murders we are soon to encounter.

Let's take a look at the month of June in which our brilliant team were fantastic yet again. We got to enjoy many more performances from our very own boy band, Male Delivery, in our Back to the 90s plot, along with our Curse of the Pharaoh bookings which followed the release of the new Indiana Jones film! We said 'QUIET ON SET!' for our own blockbuster; Danger Panic Zero filming in our Action Movie plot and heard The Ticking of the Clock make another appearance.

As always, we thank our amazing audiences for getting stuck into the immersive experience that we offer and look forward to the summer where we are increased demand for our UK show bookings!

Be sure to check out our formal introductions to our UK cast over on our social media. We can't wait for another busy summer ahead!

Instagram - @themurdermysteryexperience

Facebook - The Murder Mystery Experience


The Murder Mystery Experience

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