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Mystery and Murder in May!

What a whirlwind this month has been for us here at The Murder Mystery Experience! From new performance locations, to debut events for our new cast members, and not to mention the highest frequency of bookings to date! We're set to continue on this journey of growth, so let's take a look some highlights this month...

We started May strong with our newest plot; Back to the 90s being performed for the very first time in Abu Dhabi. From there, we performed this plot all over Dubai with fantastic feedback! Be sure you don't miss out on our 90s boyband Male Delivery showing you a First Class Love!

Also this month, Saudi Arabia got to experience The Murder Mystery Experience for the first time ever! The event was for one of our biggest audiences, yet and went down fantastically, with not one - but two - new cast members making their debut performances!

Another first for us in May was our debut show in Ras Al-Khaimah, getting all the guests stuck in and involved in our bestselling blockbuster Action Movie plot. What a brilliant audience!

In between these events, we had many others inncluding our Fear Asylum, Action Movie, Back to the 90's and Curse of the Pharaoh experiences. Thank you to all of our clients for booking us, and don't forget we have so many more plots to spice up your special occasions!

Moving into June, we hope you choose to elevate your get-togethers with family and friends with an experience like no other. Contact us today if you have any questions about bookings, or are ready to become a top detective! Do you have what it takes to solve The Murder Mystery Experience?

See you soon!


Here's a great shot with our detectives for our Fear Asylum. It's safe to say these guests were terrifyingly terrific!

A team shot from one of our Back to the 90's events. You need to see our 'Male Delivery' boy band in action!

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