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The End of the Beginning!

I sit writing this blog from DXB International Airport, with the dying embers of my laptop battery, reflecting on the tremendous year that we have had.

It has been a year of firsts for us, and one that I am so thankful that I have got to experience with our wonderful team of actors and guests.

There have been no shortage of highlights to 2022 for The Murder Mystery Experience. Here are some select ones:

  • the opening of our UK branch with a full team of super talented and experienced UK actors, along with some passionate young newcomers who we want to develop over time;

  • our first ever shows in Abu Dhabi and Pakistan;

  • the debut of three brand new plots: Fear Asylum, The Ticking of the Clock, and the runaway success that has been Action Movie;

  • the appointment of three brilliant Event Managers in our UAE branch: Andy, Heather and Alexy;

  • the appointment of three equally brilliant Event Managers in our UK branch: Lisa, Ellen and Jojo.

I cannot thank all of our actors enough for the incredible body of work they have put forward this year. Thank you also to everyone who bought a ticket for an experience, or booked us for their special event. Finally, a huge thank you to my wife, Kari,, who is absolutely the secret ingredient to everything that we are building.

My head is full of hundreds of magical moments during the actual experiences themselves, from action-packed dramatic scenes, emotionally charged dialogues between our actors, and guests losing themselves in the moment.

We’ve made so many strides forward this year, with the true exciting thought being that we are just getting started. I can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you next year; as we now begin to take private and corporate bookings for 2023!

Have a wonderful end to the year and we hope to see you very soon!


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